As long as there are bears in need, Free the Bears will continue to work to stop the suffering of bears worldwide. As well as bear rescue and rehabilitation of bears for their entire lives, Free the Bears continues to tackle the root of the problems that threaten bears in Asia. These threats are numerous and endemic, but with consistent effort from local communities up to national government, we believe ending the suffering of bears is an achievable goal in the long term.


One of the main threats to bears in Asia the illegal wildlife trade, with almost all our our bears in Cambodia a result of poaching and illegal sale of bears as pets or for use in traditional medicine. The wildlife trade does not only affect bears, and is present across the globe. Poachers kill or capture bears via hunting or snare traps, and sell them to locally or smuggle them across the border to other countries such as Vietnam or Laos. Other grave threats to bears in the region is bile farming, still common across Asia, the demand for traditional medicine.


To help stop the suffering, Free the Bears works with communities and organisations throughout Asia and trains local staff with all the skills needed to continue to fight animal cruelty for generations to come. We need to work with local groups to change attitudes and raise awareness of the wildlife trade including local schools and organisations, and with universities and other institutions to conduct critical research. We must also work with government and law enforcement agencies in order to create and implement sufficient legal framework to combat wildlife traders, and with other charities to best utilise all our resources.