A few of the bear cubs at Free the Bears' sanctuaries

A key reason for bear rescues in South-East Asia is the illegal wildlife trade and the easiest target for bear poachers are cubs.  One of our biggest challenges is rehabilitating rescued bears and providing lifelong care, which can be up to 30 years. 

Free the Bears aims to one day be able to rehabilitate bears and release them back to the wild. This huge undertaking involves studies of bear behaviour and welfare as well as research on protected areas for safe release.

Meanwhile, these bears need to be looked after at our world-class sanctuaries.  Across our sanctuaries in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, we care for over 200 rescued bears, all of which require a huge amount of resources in the form of time, money and care. They need rehabilitation, food, living space, medical provisions and 24-hour attention. We rely on your support to help us help these bears.

World-class quarantine nursery at Free the Bears' Cambodia sanctuary